Founded in 2013 by Samantha Jansen a sort of speaker, author, publisher and business and marketing strategist. The organisation is all about supporting individuals and business owners in 4 key areas

· Business

· Mindset

· Family

· Faith

Platform 4 Success, was originally only a social media consulting business on a mission to help small business owners dominate their industry as influential leaders. Specializing in strategy based consulting and coaching along with handheld support.
However over the years of running events and workshops nationally and internationally Samantha Jansen noticed a gap in the market place.

"As a women of faith who serves God, I want my business to be a Kingdom Business" says Samantha

Today the business is run to support start ups and small business owners who are of christian faith.
The coaching and consultancy is based on Christian values and delivered by Samantha herself. Workshops and events are delivered by a small team of christian individuals working alongside Samantha to support hundreds of individuals and business owners.

Clients can work with Samantha and her team through online programs and one on one consultation sessions.

Workshops and Events cover the following;
  • Strategic Planning for Small Business Owners
  • Business Coaching (Christian approach)
  • Self Publishing for Aspiring Authors
  • Effective Communication and Valuing Your Family (Coaching with a Christian approach)

Platform 4 Success delivers one on one coaching and host various workshops within Australia

Samantha, along with her small team of professionals, will nurture and support you throughout your time with them.